Week of April 18, 2017

Hi Central ~ welcome back from winter Easter break. : )   Few important things for this short week, April 18 - 21.  


Immunization shots for Grade 9 students, who were absent early April, on Wednesday AM.  Northern Health will be here.
This is the last week for Q3 Option 9 courses.  Q4 classes start next Monday.  Class lists will be posted outside Office on Thursday.


Robb Nash presentation & rock band show - Thursday, 10:20am to 11:40am.  Our staff and students are walking over to Unchagah Hall at South Peace Campus for this amazing performance. Parents are welcome to join us. Check out his website, https://www.robbnash.com There will also be informed consent notice going home on Tuesday. Thursday's block times will be changed:
                --> Watch short pre-show video with students  (this is necessary to prepare students) Video is 1:34 min.
        BREAK - 9:45 to 9:55
                --> We are walking to Unchagah Hall.  Need to be enroute by 10:05.
                --> please be seated with/near your block D class
  • Robb Nash presentation
                --> Starts by 10:20am and ends by 11:40am
        BREAK - 1:40 - 1:50pm
Happening next week
  • Trimester 2 Honor Roll Certificates
  • Grade 8s sign-ups for specific Option 9 & Seminar 9 courses they want or need (i.e. French, Coding, Robotics, Metalwork, Theatre). Otherwise, students will be placed in our assigned Seminars and popular Options.  Students will be able to make Seminar 9 & Option 9 switches next school year each time before the next courses start, etc.  The routine is the same this year and it works well.
  • April Coyote Chronicles Newsletter - Friday, 28th. Stay tuned for our first 2017-2018 update.
Coming up soon
  • May 1st NID
  • May 2nd, 10:20 to 11:30 --> Career & Workplace Seminars (while teachers are in Collaboration sessions) - Ms. Lindstrom & Mr. Booker busy organizing.
  • Grade 7 School Visits, May 2nd to13th ~ Our staff & Leadership 8 groups going to Elementary schools to meet with grade 7s.
Take Care everyone. Look forward to seeing you this Spring.  Chat soon.
: )