Week of October 8, 2017

Hi everyone,


Welcome back from the long weekend of turkey and family/friends. This is our first short week and few things are happening:


Intruder Alert Drill #1 is scheduled for 10:00am on Wednesday, 11th.  We will review our Protocol/Procedures with students the same morning. As the saying goes, practice makes better. In the event of a real situation, we need to know what to do and in a timely fashion.  The drill will last about 15 minutes.


Our Coyote Chronicles’ NEWSLETTER is being sent out today or by tomorrow (Wednesday).    


This is the second to last week of X1 Courses (Seminar 9 and Exposure 8).  Hard to believe that week #6 is coming up fast.   We will post up X2 class lists next week outside the Office, and students will have the opportunity to request changes into classes that have space or if students want to switch with each other. 


Coming Up Soon,


School District 59 is inviting DCSS parents to a very important evening presentation about Social Media Awareness, Digital Citizenship and Cyberbullying. It will be on Thurs, Oct 19th from 6:00 – 7:30pm @ South Peace Campus in the Unchagah Hall.  Admission is free. 


Next Friday, 20th is a Non-Instructional Day across BC.  There will be no school for students.


Have a great week.



Diana Lindstrom