Week of February 5, 2018

Hello Central Campus parents/guardians:


It’s officially half-way through the school year (hard to believe), Trimester 2 (which ends at March Break) and the Winter season (finally).   


This first week of February brings the following:


Our January/February Coyote Chronicles’ Newsletter will be posted/sent today.  Please take a moment to see what’s coming up this month. 

PAC meeting is tonight @ South Peace Campus starting at 7:00pm.

It’s Interim reporting time for parents/students to be informed about their progress in Trimester 2 courses.  Please stay tuned for FreshGrade and email updates.

Skills Canada Regional Competition is coming up on Fri, Feb 16th for SD 59 students @ NLC.   Interested Central students are competing this Friday afternoon in the Spaghetti Bridge Challenge.  Winners will get to go to NLC in hopes of winning to represent DCSS in Vancouver by mid-April.


Don’t forget that we are heading into a long weekend with Family Day on Monday, Feb 12th.   Enjoy!  



Diana Lindstrom