Week of April 3, 2018

Hi Central Campus parents/guardians,

We’re recharged, energized to be back at school and ready to go-full speed ahead into the Spring (minus the snow).  Below are a few important updates/reminders for this first week back to school:

  • Grade 9s will be completing Gr. 10 Course Selections on Friday, April 6th in the morning on-line in our computer labs. 
    • South Peace Campus staff will be here to guide and help out our students. If you have the selection sheets completed from the Parent Orientation Night in March, please send them with your child on Friday. If you do not, South Peace staff will work with your child to ensure that they make proper selections. When you get your student's schedule at the start of June, you will be able to go to South Peace to make changes.
  • Trimester 2 Report Cards are going home Friday, April 6th.
    • Students will receive their Report Cards at the end of the day.  Please check with your son/daughter. 
  • Guest Speaker, Earl Lambert will be here Tuesday, April 10th in the afternoon. Each grade will hear his presentation for an hour. To see more, http://www.earllambert.com

If you have any questions, please connect with the office. 


Diana Lindstrom