Week of October 15, 2017

Hi Central Campus parents & guardians,


Hope you have had the chance to check out our latest Coyote Chronicles’ newsletter posted last week. 

We always appreciate when parents are in the know about life at Central Campus.  This week is only four school days as Friday is a NID with day off for students.


What’s happening this week?

Week of October 8, 2017

Hi everyone,


Welcome back from the long weekend of turkey and family/friends. This is our first short week and few things are happening:


Intruder Alert Drill #1 is scheduled for 10:00am on Wednesday, 11th.  We will review our Protocol/Procedures with students the same morning. As the saying goes, practice makes better. In the event of a real situation, we need to know what to do and in a timely fashion.  The drill will last about 15 minutes.


Week of September 25, 2017

Hello again Central parents ~ welcome to week 3


By now, we hope you’ve had the chance to read our Welcome Newsletter, start receiving FreshGrade email invitations and have become familiar with your son/daughter’s schedule.

Hard to believe this month is flying by, and it really has been a great start to 2017-18. 


This week brings the following:


Fire Drill #1 – Tuesday @ 1:45pm.  Teachers will review procedures with their block D classes.

Week of September 12, 2017 - FIRST FULL WEEK

Hi Central parents/guardians,


Welcome to our first full week.


We had a great start to our first two school days with our start-up spirit assembly, Homeroom for schedules and our first full day of classes.  Lots of learning curves with lockers, block schedules, finding where to go and who’s who and new.  We surely enjoy our students’ energy and will now focus on smooth transitions during this first full week with learning and life around the campus.


Week of May 23, 2017

Hi CC parents/guardians,

We hope you had a great long weekend enjoying the weather and family/friends time. Also, the countdown begins. We only have 6 weeks of school left.

This week is the following:
The start of our final (X6) Exposure 8 and Seminar 8/9 courses.
Gr 7s are visiting our campus on Wednesday morning - 180 students are expected. 24 of our grade 8s will be team/tour leaders. : )
Gr 8s will be visited by Ms. Lindstrom to be updated on 2017-18 and to do their Grade 9 Seminar/Option course requests.