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In order to increase the security of our student accounts some changes have been made to the login information for both Canvas and Peacenet.


Username = s+student number@sd59.bc.ca ... for example s123456@sd59.bc.ca

Password = Birthdate in the format ... dd-mmm-yyyy ... for example July 10th 2017 would be 10-jul-2017


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The South Peace Distributed Learning School (SPDLS) is School District #59's Distributed Learning Program which provides curriculum and teacher support to parents and students who are looking for alternative ways to complete their education. 


The school provides hard copy and online curriculum for Grade 10 through Grade 12, as well as Adult Learners. SPDL also provides Home Learners with an option within the public school system.  A large number of students currently registered in local high schools look to us for individual online courses.


Currently, SPDLS is moving towards providing more courses and student support online. Virtual classrooms, online tutoring, online resources, and onsite course assistance engage students in self-directed learning.


Courses We Offer:


Social Studies 10 and 11

Communications 11 and 12

English 10,11 and 12

Creative Writing 12

Comparative Civilizations 12


Family Studies 10, 11, 12

Physical Education 10, 11, 12

Planning 10

Work Experience 10, 12A, 12B


Apprenticeship and Workplace 10 and 11


Sports and Entertainment Marketing (Marketing 11)

International Business (Marketing 12)

Entrepreneurship (Business Education 10)

Hospitality and Tourism (Tourism 12)

Fashion and Interior Design (Home Economics: Textiles 12)



How do I enroll?

 Please contact the school at 250-782-5585 if you are interested in enrolling in a course through SPDL


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SPDLS Staff for 2016-17

  • Josh Kurjata - Principal
  • Wilf Herve - Communications, Social Studies, Business Courses and Family Studies
  • CJ MacKinnon - English 10, 11, 12 and Creative Writing 12
  • Judy Eagles - Vice Principal - Physical Education and Planning
  • Jonathan Eagles - Work Experience
  • Beno Fodor - Science
  • Liz Pearce - Math