Plagarism Policy

SPDLS is committed to teaching its students the skills necessary to navigate the information age.  In an online environment students have access to a rich supply of resources.  It is important that the work students submit to SPDLS is their own. It is the expectation of all SPDLS students that they will use the work of others respectfully and appropriately; the words and/or ideas of others will be properly cited and credit given where credit is due.
SPDLS teachers will check any work that they suspect may be plagiarized.  For a first offense, an F will be given for the assignment and the student will complete lessons on proper citations, notetaking, and using their own words.  For a second offense, an F will be given for the course.

Computer Policy

We are not able to supply computers to every student, but some students are eligible to receive a computer on loan from SPDLS. Students who are registered full time, and do not already have a computer at home can apply for a computer. A computer contract must be filled out and a $100 deposit paid. Computers are available onsite for student use.

Dress Code

Given that: The Board of Trustees for School District #59 expects that student clothing, adornments, and hairstyles will permit individual expression while promoting a safe, positive learning environment, the manner in which a student presents himself/herself will demonstrate the self-respect and dignity of the individual, and demonstrate decorum appropriate to a business environment.
At SPDLS we have a diverse population and a range of ages.  A student’s attire should demonstrate respect for a family friendly work environment.
Students may not wear attire which:

  • Advertises drugs or alcohol
  • That is more appropriate for the beach – no tank tops, spaghetti straps, short shorts, or belly shirts
  • Exposes underwear.
  • Is low cut or revealing
  • Expresses vulgar language, racist or sexist comments

The guideline that we use when we talk about dress is to think of the dress code on a golf course:  shirts with sleeves,  shorts that go to just above the knee.