Work Experience at DCSS

Dear Business Owners/Community Members,
We would like to set up a bulletin board at the school for community members and business owners to advertise their job wanted posters.  By advertising your help wanted needs at the school, you will have direct access to all the high school students at DCSS.  This would be a great tool for you to reach out to them for part time after school jobs, but as well as any summer employment opportunities you may have for students.  It could also be used to post full time positions for students who are graduating and looking for permanent work.  It would also make it easier for students to find out which companies are looking.  If you would like to have your job postings listed at the high school, please send me an email to Jonathan Eagles at with all the information students would need to contact you, as well as a brief description of what their duties would be.  If you want to post the wage/salary, that could be added as well.  You could include the closing date for the posting, or send me an email when you want the posting removed.
If you have any further questions, feel free to contact Jonathan at the school at 250-782-5585