Parent - Teacher Interviews and Early Dismissal (Nov 29 & 30)

The first semester early dismissal days are scheduled for next Wednesday and Thursday, November 29 and 30.  All South Peace Campus teachers will be available to meet with parents and guardians from 2:15 through 5:00 on Wednesday and Thursday.  We ask parents and guardians to call the school 250-782-5585 to schedule an appointment to meet with teachers.  
Parents who are unable to come to the school for the interview times posted are asked to call the school to request communication back from individual teachers regarding student achievement.  Parents who are able to come to the school will be asked their preferred time and day of the week for meeting.
Parents and guardians are invited to communicate with teachers on a regular basis via email.  Our teachers’ email addresses may be found under the Staff Directory icon on our website.   Many of our teachers share class-based information with students via Peace Net.  All students at the South Peace Campus have a Peace Net account and can access their accounts from any computer or internet-based device.  Parents and guardians are encouraged to speak with their students about the Peace Net accounts to learn about the variety of resources that are provided by teachers.
 We hope to see many parents and guardians in the building next week.  Please do not hesitate to call!