1. Have a good understanding of Distributed Learning.

Read through the Frequently Asked Questions, Parent Information, and Why Choose SPDLS. Call SPDLS and talk to the staff about Distributed Learning. We can refer you to parents who will talk to you about having a child at SPDLS.  If you are currently enrolled in a local school, we ask that you meet with a school counsellor.  They can help determine whether DL is a good choice for you and will also help guide you through the registration process.

2. Fill out a Registration form.

Use our new Online Registration Form.  Fill this out from home or drop in and fill it in onsite.

3. Meet with an SPDLS Teacher.

We will meet with you to discuss what your child's year as a DL student will look like, and what courses will be needed. Together with the student and parents we will complete the Student Learning Plan.

4. Registration Confirmation

If we are satisfied that the parents and student have a good understanding of Distributed Learning and we are confident that the student has a reasonable chance of being successful at SPDLS, we will confirm your registration.

5. Activation Completed

For students registering in grades 10 - 12, enrollment is not complete until the appropriate Course Activation Assignment(s) have been submitted for each course. Please contact the office for more information.