School Profile

South Peace Distributed Learning School Overview

SPDLS is a Distributed Learning program which provides curriculum and support to parents and students who are looking for alternative ways to complete the BC Dogwood. We are located in the shop wing of the South Peace campus of Dawson Creek Secondary School. The school provides mostly online curriculum for Grade 8 through Grade 12, as well as for Adult Learners. The current enrolment is 75 school age students and 5 adult students. SPDLS provides Home Learners with an option within the public school system. Most students attend once a week for course assistance and the opportunity to socialize with students their age. Currently, SPDLS is moving towards providing more courses and student support online. Virtual classrooms, online tutoring, online resources, and onsite course assistance engage students in self-directed learning.
One of the strengths of SPDLS is a commitment to creating programs that fit our students. We have students who travel, compete at a high level in sports, live in remote areas, work, dedicate their lives to music, art, religion, or live alternative lifestyles. Distributed Learning at SPDLS allows them freedom to study outside of the traditional 9-3 school system, accelerate learning to complete courses faster, have a high level of parent involvement in the learning, take a smaller course load, or receive credit towards courses for activities they are involved in outside of their school lives.
SPDLS also provides an option for students in other schools who encounter time-tabling conflicts.

School Mission

To equip all students with the skills, attitudes, and tools to become productive members of society.

School Vision

The primary purpose of the South Peace Distributed Learning School is the education of its’ students. It is important that parents and staff work in partnership to help students excel academically, in a safe, family friendly learning environment.