Week of November 6, 2017

Hello and welcome to November! Hard to believe we are already into week 9 of this school year.


This week has the school focused on our REMEMBERANCE WEEK. Across Canada Remembrance Week is a week dedicated to remembering the sacrifice of the soldiers who fought for the many freedoms Canadians enjoy each day.  Central Campus is actively participating in Remembrance Week with several activities and events occurring throughout the school. 


  • The entire school is taking part in a War Letters & Postcards Activity.  Mrs. Winstead’s Art 9 classes completed soldier portraits, effectively giving a face to the war.  The hallway leading to the gym will become the school’s “Hallway of Remembrance” where the soldier portraits, along with the postcards will be hung on bulletin boards as an act of remembrance. 
  • Mr. Corcoran will be giving a presentation entitled “Why We Remember” to the grade 8 students which focuses on what soldiers lived through and why Remembrance Day is so important.  Grade 9 students will receive a presentation entitled “The Importance of Two Minutes” focusing on the reasoning behind the two minutes of silence during Remembrance Day Ceremonies. 
  • On Friday, November 10th the entire school will be present for our Remembrance Day Ceremony conducted by Central Campus students.  This ceremony will pay tribute to all the soldiers who fought in Canada’s wars and honoring those that did not come home.  Our Ceremony starts @ 10:45am and ends by 11:30am.  Parents are welcome to attend and join students, staff and special guests.


We also have our next Coyote Chronicles’ Newsletter early this week.  There is lots to check out and coming up before Winter Break.   We will email the newsletter link and later post on our website.


Reminder – Traffic is being blocked from 10th street and the corner of the Public Library due to road and bridge construction. We request that parents drop off their sons and daughters at the front entrance to our building as usual or up the street from the Campus.  Please avoid driving behind our building as it’s meant to be single-lane access for staff and we have many students coming and going from the Shop and Music Building. Your patience and understand is appreciated.


Have a great week. See you soon.


Diana Lindstrom